Our Installation Guarantee

What are the warranty terms of an installation provided by Custom Cat Enclosures?

Custom Cat Enclosures guarantees all of our installation work for a 12 month period from the date of installation. Should any element of your installation fail under the conditions of normal use, Custom Cat Enclosures reserves the right to repair or replace any faulty components within the warranty period.

Our UV treated nylon netting is guaranteed by the manufacturer for a period of 10 years against the natural elements of sun, rain, heat and cold. If the netting comes in contact with gardening tools (including whipper-snippers, lawn mowers, edge trimmers) it may fail and these instances are not covered under warranty.

After the 12 month warranty period any fault or malfunction is no longer covered under warranty. Should repairs or maintenance be required outside of the warranty period, clients are encouraged to contact their installer to discuss any options that may be available to contract a service to repair (service fees will apply).


What makes your warranty void?

If any installation is modified in any way after the installation date by any person other than the installer, any associated warranty is void. This may include the attachment of additional roofing, shade cloth, shelving, or any other element that was not part of the original design and installation may impact the durability of the structure.

Should any modification be required after the installation date, clients are encouraged to contact their installer to design and complete any required modifications.

Custom Cat Enclosures does not guarantee against the loss, escape, or injury of your pets. Although we aim to design and build enclosures that are safe, durable, and attractive, we accept no responsibility should your installation be compromised in any way and your pet(s) escape.

What are the warranty terms of a RTA enclosure purchased from Custom Cat Enclosures that is to be installed by the client or a third party?

If you choose to purchase a Ready-To-Assemble (RTA) enclosure to install yourself, or have installed by someone other than a Custom Cat Enclosures installer, any associated installation warranty is forfeited.

Parts are covered for a period of 3 months from the date of dispatch or delivery. All components are dispatched in good working order. Should any parts have evidence of malfunction or be in a poor condition when you receive your order, return them to Custom Cat Enclosures within 7 days and we will replace or repair them as required. If you damage components at the time of assembly and require new parts, please contact Custom Cat Enclosures as soon as possible to order replacement parts (charges will apply).