CarolCat enclosure under a verandah, Canberra, ACT

I am extremely happy with the job done by Damian and Neville, it was done on an extremely trying day weatherwise, but was done cheerfully and efficiently by them. The finished job is excellent and my two kittens are spending most of their time out there so must love it.

DavidCat enclosure over some fruit trees, Hawker, ACT

Ethelred is enjoying his freedom outside during the day. He has already established his favourite positions in the new cat enclosure. He likes to sit at the front fence gazing out at the world, curling up under the pear tree, when it is hot, and stretching out on the deck. He stays in the house at night, and comes in when it is very hot (the house is cooler). He refuses to use the cat door, demanding to be let in and out. Daphne spends most of her time inside, but goes in and out freely, using the cat door (though if she can get human assistance in door opening, of course she demands it). She spends most of her outside time on the deck, but wanders around occasionally. Both of them are enjoying the adventure of getting used to their own special space.

JaniceLarge cat enclosure connecting to the main house, Fairburn, ACT

I was constantly being pestered by two 9mth old cats to be let outside. I have had many pets over the years and never considered a cat enclosure. These two felines changed all that as we have a close bond and I couldn't bear the thought of anything adverse happening to them, plus I enjoy the extensive bird/wildlife. I spent at least 3-4mths researching the internet, including the option of doing it myself, obtained a couple of quotes but just couldn't seem to get what I had in my mind until I met Damian! What a god send. Pressure was off (don't have the patience and boy gene to do it myself) and I knew straight away that I had met a decent, capable person who could accommodate my specific requirements. The area I wanted to cover had me worried though as other company displays on the internet would have quoted on my estimation, in excess of $5k. Damian's quote came in less than that and for what I received - worth every cent! cautomer_05 It took between 14-19hrs to construct and I couldn't believe how much sewing and fiddly work was involved. Yep, I helped out with a few hours of sewing and attaching cable ties in between cooking Damian scones & quiche for lunch - got to keep the man motivated :) I tell things how they are. It is my perception that Damian is honest, hardworking and does a professional job, covers costs but does not rip you off blind. Given the fiddly nature of construction, I think his quotes are extremely reasonable. The kids (brother & sister pussycats) and I absolutely love it. I wasn't expecting the nice ambient feel the netting gave to the enclosure - like being in an outdoor porch. Thank you very much Damian it was worth the wait. Regards, Janice