Terms of Service When Ordering a Custom Cat Enclosure

By commissioning a custom design and installation from Custom Cat Enclosures you agree to the following terms of service.
(More information may also be found on out FAQ Page.)

Development Approval Policy

Custom Cat Enclosures are installed on the basis that it is your responsibility to investigate whether or not building approval is required for your individual installation. If you are part of a Body Corporate, we recommend you seek approval prior to contacting us for a measure and quote. By commissioning a Custom Cat Enclosure, you are agreeing that you have sought the required approvals and accept that the responsibility is entirely yours as the client. Custom Cat Enclosures accepts no responsibility for installations that have been built previously and which may now require building approval or Body Corporate approval. In situations where you are commissioning a Custom Cat Enclosure in a complex managed by a Body Corporate, we may also request written approval from your Body Corporate prior to installing. Any cost associated with the removal of an enclosure may also be charged to the client.

Payment Policy

Payment for your Custom Cat Enclosure is required in full no later than at the time of completion. As per the payment terms detailed (on the FAQ page), you have the option to pay a deposit or the full estimated amount up-front. All materials remain the property of Custom Cat Enclosures until such time as any outstanding balance is paid. Failure to pay any outstanding balance may result in the removal of any materials previously installed and the forfeit of any previously paid amounts.

Cancellation Policy

If you decide to cancel your order after processing payment of an initial deposit, a Cancellation Fee of $100 will be deducted from your deposit. In addition to a Cancellation Fee, any incurred costs associated with materials, staff wages for design and pre-fabrication of components, and transport fees of materials will also be deducted. Any remaining amounts will then be refunded into your nominated bank account within 10 business days of written cancellation notification from you as the client or authorised representative of the client. In the case that the incurred costs may amount to more than the perviously paid deposit amount, you will be issued an invoice for costs incurred which will require payment. Failure to pay any outstanding amounts may be referred to a debt collection agency.

Custom Cat Enclosures reserves the right to amend these policies at any time. If you have any questions regarding our policies, please contact us on 1800 835 882.