Quality Materials

Custom Cat Enclosures uses only the highest quality components and materials in all of our installations. If you are looking for a great quality solution, we have you covered.

Cat Safe Netting

The Low-Visibility Cat-Safe Netting that we use is designed to be almost invisible while also offering a safe, strong, and secure barrier between your pet and the outside world. Guaranteed for 10 years by the manufacturer, this specifically designed netting features a fine net twine, and gains added strength from having a small 19mm x 19mm mesh size and is manufactured to last, with UV protection and heat strengthened knots. It is also ideal if you have a cat that likes to chew their way in or out of things. As cats chew with their back teeth, this small mesh netting makes it extremely difficult for a cat to get its jaw into a position to chew free.
If you are concerned about other animals such as possums, rats, or mice potentially chewing through the netting, please ask about a netting option which is now available and features a stainless steel wire interwoven in the netting itself.

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Steel Frames

Cat Safe netting can be attached to existing structures by means of stainless steel cable, Fixing anchors, tensioning turnbuckles, and UV resistant cable ties. Alternatively, a steel frame that is joined together with durable and strong ABS plastic corner connections can be designed to almost any size and shape to which the netting is then attached. OR even a combination of all options is possible. Steel framing can be made to size and is available in a galvanised or hand painted finish.

Steel frame for cat enclosures and cat runs

Stainless Steel Cable

Stainless Steel cable is a great way to ensure that your netting stays secure and keeps your cat contained. The cable is fixed to existing structures by means of anchors such as eye-screws, eyelet-dynabolts, or hooks. The netting is then attached to the cable with UV resistant cable ties at intervals to ensure your cat's security.

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ABS Plastic Corner Connectors

When we build a frame out of lengths of steel, corners are connected using durable ABS plastic corner connectors that are available in a range of configurations. The connectors are tapped into the end of the steel tubing and then anchored in place with a galvanised screw to ensure the security of the join. Where an even stronger connection is required a galvanised corner bracket is then used over top of the original join. Custom Cat Enclosures also has these connections available for sale for any DIY enthusiasts.

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Weather Tolerant Hardware

We understand that these enclosures are designed be outdoors in most cases so for this reason we ensure that all hardware used can withstand the elements. Where possible we use screws, bolts, brackets, latches, turn-buckles, anchors, and hooks that will not rust or at least designed by the manufacturer to not rust. Rust and animals do not mix so if we can avoid it, we do.

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UV Treated Rope

Around the edge of the Cat-Safe Netting, UV resistant rope is woven to add a thicker element to then attach the netting to either a steel frame or a stainless steel cable set-up. This rope can also be used to join sections of the netting together for the more elaborate enclosures or where larger areas need to be spanned.

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